A new era of digital content creation.

Record and live stream Mixed Reality with LIV.

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The future of digital content creation.

With Custom built and pre-calibrated hardware and software, the LIV Cube allows you to create studio level Mixed Reality content.

Create the content of the future

The LIV Cube.

Easy to use and fully deployable, so that you can create Mixed Reality content anytime, anywhere.

Green screen studio

Create immersive Mixed Reality content with the patented LIV Cube. Our goal was to make set up as easy and fast as possible. No hassle or lengthy set up times — get up and running in less than 1 hour.


We’ve built the hardware with Mixed Reality in mind, using the highest quality parts that work together in unison. Each LIV Box is hand built and tested by our hardware experts.


Capture footage and live stream using a custom rigged, Mixed Reality Camera with full HD at 60FPS. You can attach your iPhone or Android to view Mixed Reality in real time!


Virtual camera calibration, color keying and streaming settings are all incredibly complicated to get right. With the LIV Client, you simply pick your experience and press go. It’ll handle the rest.

LIV Cube
LIV Cube Inside

Mixed Reality as a Service

Work with LIV Studios.

We’ve helped some of the top brands in the world create immersive, engaging content. Our network of Mixed Reality content creators and influencers will help you bring your vision to life and share it with the world.

Branded Content

We can help you create bespoke marketing content though immersive media. Work with LIV to get access to expert Mixed Reality content creators and influencers.

Event Activation

Supercharge your events with interactive VR and Mixed Reality installations. Make your guests remember your event and see engagement shoot through the roof.

Live stream

We built the world’s first Mixed Reality live stream and have over 10 years of live streaming experience. Leverage our stable, high quality live streaming services so that you can go live when you want to.