LIV Cube

Introducing the LIV Cube™

Set up, capture and live stream studio quality Mixed Reality. Anytime, anywhere.
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"The LIV system has the potential to revolutionize the way studios and corporations explain and demo their software to the world."

The worlds first deployable mixed reality creation studio

The LIV Cube.

Our vision is to put the power of Mixed Reality content creation in your hands.
Effortless assembly and usage are the cornerstones of our products.

The platform consists of The LIV Cube, LIV Box and LIV Client.

Mixed Reality Studio

Your personal Mixed Reality studio

The LIV Cube.

The seamless LIV Cube green screen allows you to create and live stream immersive VR and Mixed Reality content anytime, anywhere.

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LIV Cube

LIV Cube specifications

  • Size: 8x8x8 feet

  • Material: Chroma Green Aluminum

  • Weight: 27 Ib

  • Green screen: Seamless Chroma Green Cotton

  • Flooring: Foam

  • Setup time: < 2 hours

LIV Box Background

Mixed Reality ready PC

The LIV Box.

Hand built and tested to run the latest VR experiences at the highest performance.

With fully pre-calibrated hardware and software, we've taken away all the hassle of complicated setups. Simply plug it in and go.
MR Ready

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LIV Box specifications

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7

  • GPU: nVidia GeForce 1080 Ti

  • Hard Drive: Super Fast PCIe SSD Main Drive, 5TB LIV footage drive

  • Capture Card: 4K HDMI input

  • Other: Hand configured and tested - MR ready

One click live streaming

The LIV Client.

Designed to make capturing and live streaming mixed reality as easy as possible.
Start creating and sharing your content to your platform of choice with one click.
Mixed Reality Ready

LIV Client
Arcade Saga Mixed Reality

What you can do with the LIV Cube

Stand out with immersive content.

In a world full of digital noise, its becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. Mixed Reality content is incredibly immersive and will help you connect and engage with your fans and followers in a way never seen before.

Content creators

Whether you’re a YouTube star, a Twitch streamer or looking to start a new career in content creation, the LIV Cube is your perfect partner. Jump into the LIV Cube and lead the charge in the future of digital content.


Drive sales & excitement through engaging Mixed Reality demo’s and trailers. With the LIV Cube, you have full creative control over your content and can create & live stream on your terms.


World famous artists are using the LIV Cube to create and share their work with the world. Whether you’re a traditional painter or a digital artist, LIV enables you to grow your following and presence through innovative media.

Virtual Reality Arcades

Supercharge your arcade experience. Record your visitors in real time, live stream to your facebook page and create content for your fans. Experience a surge in engagement after offering your visitors their own Mixed Reality footage.

Taylor Freeman

“LIV has changed the way we create Mixed Reality content. We use the LIV Platform at the UploadVR office and we’re seeing incredible engagement with the immersive content we can create in real-time. Highly recommended.”

Taylor Freeman
CEO of UploadVR