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Ready Player Cix: How One Rogue is Revolutionizing Mixed Reality!

How a kid from Minnesota turned a video game dream into reality.

Originally written by Joe Durin for UploadVR.

His right hand was raised and his mouth was repeating a solemn oath. Once he was finished speaking, his name would be officially changed. He walked into the court [real name redacted] but would leave freer, fresher and more focused with his brand new identity: Cix Liv.

A few months before that fateful day in court, Liv had his identity stolen. Financial institutions told him in no uncertain terms that he had one of two choices: freeze all of his accounts while they sort out the problems, or get a new identity.

This second option was likely more of a joke than anything else, but Liv took it to heart. He decided to use this theft as a chance to reinvent himself, a chance to forge that identity he wanted not the one anyone else had chosen for him. Liv knew exactly where to find this new identity.

He had been keeping it for years now in a world separate from our own — World of Warcraft.

Cix was originally the name of a character from the immensely popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. Here was an identity that Liv had been pouring hours of time, intent and skill into for years. Cix was not a random name bestowed by well meaning parents. Nor did it carry a lifetime’s worth of memories and experiences, not all of them wonderful.

Cix represented everything Liv wanted from his new persona: freedom, individuality and, most importantly, a personality that would guide his life in the real world going forward.

As we chat at the Upload offices in San Francisco, Liv explains to me how the rebranding of his life connects to his current work in virtual reality.

Originally from Minnesota, Liv reflects that “I always told my friends one day I would just get in my car, drive to San Francisco and start a company. Three years ago I pulled that trigger.”

Even before he changed his name “LIV® was always a brand I was building since my early teens.” Today, the young company currently consists of Liv and his co-founder AJ Shewki (COO), as well as a team of 5 employees.

Their team may be small but their goals are anything but. In this gold rush era of relatively cheap and easier to produce VR content, LIV® has decided it is going to delve into the vastly more complex and expensive world of VR hardware. Their goal is to create “a full stack, deployable content creation platform consisting of custom hardware and software with one goal: to make Mixed Reality accessible to the masses.”

Mixed Reality is a term still in the process of being fully defined and contextualized. As the immersive industry grows and changes, the definition of MR will likely do the same. Today, MR is most often associated with the complicated process by which real life people can be overlayed into the digital world in order to create powerful visual representation of how a VR experience works.

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