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Put your bow-and-arrow skills to the test in the intense 3 vs 3 PvP action game oVRshot

An intense, competitive 3vs3 arena combat game

Sometimes you just want to show the world your Legolassian (that's a word, just flow with it) skills. Dr Doom sat down with Magnus from Window Licker Games, the norwegian studio of 5 behind the upcoming team based PvP game oVRshot.

Hey Magnus! oVRshot is a game that makes you forget about time. I was planning on jumping in for a few rounds, and ended up playing for a few hours. Run us through how your team met, and when the idea for oVRshot came about!

The 4 founders of Window Licker Games met while we were studying game design.

During our 3rd semester we on the oVRshot team had found each other and we felt our skills and chemistry was good so we kept working together the rest of our studies.

The 5th person added is my wife who was studying film and tv production and started out helping us with trailers and sound and ended up coming in full time. oVRshot started out as a multiplayer bow shooter on disjointed islands the size of VR play areas where players fought each other in kind of a trench warfare.

Needless to say it was not all that fun so we added movement and set the focus on fast paced medium to close quarter combat.

We knew we had something good when testers kept coming back wanting to play more every day. A year ago we formed a company around the project, and here we are!

For those reading, oVRshot plays as a class-based bow&arrow PvP arena combat game. You have two classes: attackers and defenders with 3 skills each (anything from Split Arrows to a massive shield to protect your allies).

How does the team come up with abilities for the classes, and how much of your inspiration comes from Mr "Simple Geometry", Hanzo Shimada himself?

When coming up with abilities we look at the variables we have to manipulate and think what would be fun or satisfying to be able to do. Some of the core ideas of course come from other games and Hanzo has come up, we even tried adding some of his powers into the game but with our one hit kill mechanics he felt a bit to powerful!

Recently a lot of our ideas for both improving current abilities and creating new once come from the community.

To clarify here, you don't have a health bar. One shot, and you're dead. Respawns are fast, and the standard game mode is centered around capturing a point and holding it for victory.

What are some mechanics you guys have tried that ended up being far too OP?

Anything with damage based area denial is very OP in our system. Giving an extra life feels a bit OP but we are still playing with the idea.

Explosives that explode on impact without cooking and homing arrows are some of the mechanics we have tried and either changed or scrapped.

The shield also used to be always active and randomly blocked shoots, that was maybe not OP per say but it was very annoying so we set it to be more of a thing you have to actively use.

Agreed – the current explosive arrow feels like a great area control tool without being overpowered right now. Are you guys planning on adding more classes or abilities per class?

Not more per class although we have planned to switch the scatter arrow on the def class for another we have in the works. We are also planning to add at least 1 more class in the future.

Lovely! What about maps? There's a capture the point map right now, are you planning for more game modes/more maps?

There will be a new map for capture the point coming soon and after that we are adding the Demolition game mode where one team has to plant an explosive and destroy a target while the other team has to defend.

There will be 3 maps for each mode eventually and we are still open for adding a third mode but we want to include the community in deciding what that mode will be.

And lastly, will it stay 3v3 or are you guys planning/open to expanding it to 5v5 or 2v2?

It will stay 3v3 but you will have the option to play 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v1 and 3v2 with or without bots.

Cool! That's about it on our end. Where can people follow your progress, and is there anything else you want to share with our community?

You can follow us on: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and our website!

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