Mixed Reality HTC Vive Tracker

How to do mixed reality with HTC Vive tracker

The HTC trackers were just released to developers, yay!

Unfortunately though, SteamVR doesn't recognize them as a 3rd controller. So you cannot use them for mixed reality (yet). So until then we have to hack it as a controller and we show you how in our short tutorial. You can reverse the hack with the same program.

Let's get started!

Mount the tracker

Attach the tracker securely with the tripod mount to whatever camera rig you will be using. Remember, any slight movement after you calibrate it and it will be off, make it tight!

Next you need to flash the tracker with this firmware.

Quoting this part from Foo at HTC — thanks Foo!

  1. "Download this Vive Tracker Role Changer: https://liv.tv/htc-vive-tracker-mixed-reality
  2. Unplug the Vive from the computer.
  3. Plug in the Tracker via USB cable.
  4. Run tool and follow the prompts.
  5. Tool will report what the tracker is currently reporting itself as and give you the option to switch it's role reporting.
  6. On completion, unplug the tracker and restart SteamVR. Reconnect everything."

Set up the tracker.

  1. Connect the included dongle to the computer.
  2. Turn on the tracker by holding the power button.
  3. Verify it is detected by SteamVR.

Create a new CFG file.

  1. Download MixedRealityConfigurator: http://www.tribalinstincts.com/mixedrealityconfigurator/builds/MixedRealityConfigurator_build_8.zip
  2. Choose your MR camera (if it doesn't show up follow the instructions on how to emulate it in Xsplit.)
  3. Have one controller turned on and the tracker plugged with a USB cable, or make sure it is being detected wirelessly with the dongle.
  4. Manually identify the tracker and controller by putting on the headset and determining what is it's device ID. In our case the device ID is detected as "Device1_" (it has a blank space as a name).
    Set the device ID on the controller you will use to calibrate and the tracker (it doesn't matter what side they are on).
  5. Follow the prompts in the configurator to create a proper CFG file (make sure to calibrate on several visual markers that are in different horizontal and vertical planes).

Last steps.

  • Put the CFG in the base directory of the games (right now this applies to Unity titles.)
  • The rest of the process you can find on other mixed reality sites and assuming you have a tracker you have done this part with a controller before :D.

Or you could save yourself all this hassle and buy a LIV Cube. Simple, seamless 1 click Mixed Reality.

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