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LIV® Unreal SDK Released for Developers!

A simple drag & drop solution to enabling studio quality Mixed Reality in your Unreal projects.

A quick chat with Ruu, CTO @ LIV® on what this all means.

Yo Ruu, so explain to people reading this what the hell the Unreal SDK is all about.

The whole idea is that our own Unreal SDK enables traditional MR compositing even in older version of the Unreal engine where it would otherwise not be possible.

That sounds… like a good thing. Now in case people don’t know, what is MR?

Mixed Reality! Seriously (and somewhat off-topic), Mixed Reality is an awfully conflated term. With Windows Mixed Reality headsets using it willy-nilly and confusing the heck out of folks, we probably need to find a better name for it. But to put in simply, mixed reality puts people in the environment they are experiencing.

So sort of like Tron, but in actual real-life (or digitally real… or something like that).

Pretty much. Basically this lets people see into VR worlds, whilst also seeing the person experiencing it. It’s a great way to get across what it feels like to be inside Virtual Reality.

I get it. So how do developers access it?

It’s really easy, just go to and grab the SDK for Unreal there, or just click the download link at the bottom of this post.

And I assume all the integration info is in a document somewhere?

Yeah! There’s a Readme in the ZIP that you download, and we have a bunch of tutorials coming soon. So stay tuned!

Is that like Bizzard’s coming soon™?

Absolutely, without a question.

The trials and tribulations of software engineering…

Tell me about it.

Alright, well, thanks Ruu. I’ll let you get back into the Matrix.

Plugging in as we speak…

Download the Unreal SDK here.

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