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LIV to exit early access on Steam!

Get access to LIV’s new avatar & kinect support today on our public beta branch - come read about what we’ve been up to...

That’s right, we’re actually ticking that number over to v1.0.0

And with that version number increase comes 5 months of improvements, bug fixes and brand new features! We've also been hard at work with Oculus, helping film their fancy new Quest trailers...

As always with these posts, we’re gonna start with the shiny new stuff and detail the nitty gritty down below.

You can get access to this update early by switching to the public beta branch in Steam.
Navigate to LIV in your library, go to properties, then betas. Pick the public beta from the dropdown!
If you don’t see it, restart Steam.

We’ll be following up with another blog post talking about our future plans as soon as the public beta goes gold for release - keep an eye on us!

Before we get stuck in, remember that the best place to reach us is Discord. We literally live there. Come visit our home 😊

LIV gets avatar support!

The biggest new feature we’re adding to LIV, something we promised many moons ago back when we regularly streamed STAND OUT with you all. It’s avatars. Finally!

Here’s the summary for those who just wanna get excited and then play:

Full set of video tutorials right here folks!

Oh yeah, that’s right - LIV avatars are completely controlled from your headset. No dashboard - just open the LIV menu ingame and change your camera perspective on the fly. We’re confident saying that you’ll love what we’ve come up with here. It’s unobtrusive and designed for fast adjustments. You can expect more of this kind of UI from us going forward!

Speaking of fast adjustments, avatar settings are saved against a camera profile - which means that you can set up many different cameras, avatars and behaviours all as different profiles. Switch between them instantly now using the profile dropdown - no janky lag!

There’s a lot more going on here, lots of settings and dials to tweak so you get the camera behaviour you’re looking for. We’ve got plenty of extra features to add, so stay tuned - our Discord is the best place to ask for help or share suggestions with us!

For the hackers out there, we have exposed the following control interface:


Change the currently active LIV profile from any program running on your PC! It’s called a "URI Scheme Handler", and you’d use this dummy C# code to interface with it:

Process.Start("liv-app://camera/set/" + cameraProfileIndex);

Have fun ;)

Integrated support for the Kinect for Xbox One!

Ohohoho, that’s right. Along with those tasty performant avatars we’re also finally including proper support for Kinect v2 sensors. Those of you who have been getting this to work with the double-OBS method should be especially happy - the new solution brings overall usage to be waaaaaay less.

Again, the hot goss first:

With the performance improvements, we’re hoping to enable more of you to make use of the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor - it’s the best depth camera still commonly available, and the one we feel provides the best image today. There’s rumblings of the Kinect Azure being pretty good too, but … we don’t have one yet. Aw. (Hint hint, Microsoft)

We’ve also added some extra filtering to the output from your Kinect to give a much tighter, crisper background removal. Check out the ChromaFree window for all the extra Kinect-specific settings - and keep an eye on it, as we’re not quite finished here!

Getting rid of that extra OBS instance comes with a ton of QoL improvements; particularly with calibration! When you’re calibrating, we disable background removal so you can more clearly see what’s happening. Really, the Kinect is "just another camera" now.

So, just like any other camera in LIV, all the juicy profile improvements apply here too. You can set up advanced effects (like our LUT effect, or the mask effect) on your Kinect and easily toggle between them at runtime without any jank!

All the other things!

Okay, you’ve made it this far in, which means you want ALL the information. Well brace yourself, because you’re in for a treat. This is the right place for you.

The "LIV Virtual Camera Driver" has been shuffled about a bit. We wanted to make it clearer what it does and why it’s important, so now it’s simply referred to as the "LIV SteamVR Driver". You’ll also notice that the settings for it are gone! We’ve polished up how it works so that only the necessary controls are exposed, when they’re needed.

Oh, this also means that you can set up camera profiles that use different trackers - and switch between them realtime! You no longer need to fiddle with LIV’s settings when changing trackers, or if you’ve just connected the tracker for another camera. It’s all handled for you!

AMD Support

With some collaboration from AMD themselves in resolving a driver bug, we're happy to say we're able to bring AMD support out of the shadows. Thanks to all of you who've been patient with us whilst we've acquired the hardware and debugged it throroughly.

It's not perfect yet, as currently enabling the viewfinder in-headset causes a crash. We know why but the changes needed to fix this are fairly significant - it's one for a future update!



WHEW. We said it’d be a long one. Thank you to everyone in the Gunters group on Discord for helping us crush the majority of bugs hidden in this update - we love you.

As promised earlier, keep an eye on us for the follow-up post as we get the update out of public beta and leave early access for good!

PS. We want to play games with you all again; that LIV Twitch page is looking pretty dusty, isn’t it?

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