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LIV® integrates The Wizards!

Become a Mixed Reality Wizard in Carbon Studio latest Orc & Goblin slaying adventure.

Become a Mixed Reality Wizard in Carbon Studio latest Orc & Goblin slaying adventure.

You folks wanted Unreal Engine Mixed Reality. YOU FOLKS GOT UNREAL MIXED REALITY!

We sat down with Pawel Gajda from Carbon Studio, who are releasing The Wizards, an action-adventure Wizard spellcasting game who just integrated the LIV® SDK and are preparing for launch.

Hey Pawel. Let me get straight to the action. The Wizards is a gorgeous game, and I can finally become the Wizard I was always meant to be. How'd the team come up with the idea?

Hey Dr Doom. It's good to hear our game made you feel like a wizard! We came up with the idea for the game soon after we first tried Oculus Touch.

Being able to see and use your hands in VR was a very inspiring experience. We asked a question: "Now when we have a limitless possibilities thanks to VR, what would we like to do?".

The answer was simple: "Become powerful magicians".

Haven't we all wanted to shoot fireballs from our hands? What was the first spell you guys built, and what's the design process for what spells to add to the game?

I bet we have! That’s probably why the first spell we prototyped was the fireball.

We’re using a plugin that allow us to record and afterward recognize any gesture we imagine. While figuring out what spells to add, we wanted to make sure that they are diverse and require some physical movement while casting.

We also took some inspiration from the greatest: as someone mention in a review, casting lightning in The Wizards makes you wanna shout “unlimited power!”. We like that.

Especially when you upgrade the lightning spell, and it becomes chain lightning. Mmmm.

We've had a little play with the game and the missions map in-game is a really cool feature. You have a zone, which can have several levels or floors as indicated by physical map pieces and that progress the story, and the gameplay is an enjoyable mix of killing Orcs&Goblins, and solving puzzles.

Is there a more quick-form gameplay mode, if I just want to go in and dump some Pyroblasts on a few waves of Orcs?

Definitely! A little while after the Early Access release we introduced the Arena Mode. In this mode you jump right into action in two arenas where your objective is to protect the crystals against endless hordes of enemies and, most importantly, stay alive as long as you can.

All in the name of pure fun and top spots on the leaderboard.

Leaderboards, you say? Are there any plans for co-op and/or multiplayer PVP?

I wish I could say yes, but for now the answer is "no".

The Wizards is going to leave Early Access in March so we won't have time to introduce such complex features. We agree with fans of The Wizards that co-op or PVP would be a great fit for this game.

Who knows? Maybe we'll manage to add multiplayer in a DLC?

Put multiplayer inside Loot boxe.... haaa jk. The trailer looks great, this game looks & feels great, and we're really excited to see more people in our community create Mixed Reality content with your game.

Any last words for your peeps out there? Do you have a Discord, a twitter or a website you want people to check out?

We are at least as excited as you to see mixed reality gameplays from our game! We were dreaming about mixed reality in The Wizards since the first time we saw MR VR content. Unfortunately mixed reality was not supported natively in UE4 and we couldn't spend time on developing our own solution. Thankfully we found LIV!

And for the last word to our current and future fans: get ready to fight full-size dragons in VR this March!

For more news please check out our discord server!
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Awesome. Thanks for the quick chat Pawel. I'll let you get back to making magic happen.

Thank you, Dr Doom!

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