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LIV Cube pre-orders are now live!

V2 of the LIV Cube is lighter, stronger, more mobile, has better lighting and comes in its own carry bags. It’s basically magic in a bag.

Pop-up mixed reality for anyone, anywhere.

You’ve seen pictures of the mystical LIV Cubes on our website, and some of you may have spotted the wild LIV Cube at events. You may even have seen Draw With Jazza’s video on LIV and the LIV Cube!

For you hardcore LIV fans, you know that we stream from inside the LIV Cube frequently and that our quality is impeccable. And now, it’s time for everyone else to get access to our portable, robust and well-lit green screen studio.

The LIV Cube v2 pre-orders are now open!

Check out the LIV Cube page to get a full list of included parts, a specifications diagram and enough pictures to cover your entire house in wallpaper. The first batch is shipping in August, and has limited quantity.

STORY TIME: How’d the LIV Cube come to life?

In a way, the LIV Cube has come full circle.

In early 2016, before LIV was a real company, Cix and I wanted to create a better way to live stream VR.

We covered my living room in green cloth on tripods. It was a mess.

The room where it all happened, Cix lookin' haggard.

(the face of an exhausted Cix)

But we survived hardware hell by powering up and unlocking Super Saiyan.


And every once in a while, we’d wake up and find a wild Cix in his natural habitat.

Ahh look at him, all tuckered out!

We quickly realized that we needed to block out sunlight (and IR).

The fabric, it does nothing!

We sourced blackout fabric and spray painted LIV on it. But not without a few ounces of frustration.


(pictured: a frustrated Cix)

Time to spray paint it with the LIV logo. We had to take professional security measures to not paint onto ourselves.


And eventually, we started taking our infant LIV Cube to events. Can you see the beautiful and professionally sprayed LIV logo?

Beautiful and professionally sprayed.

(our old not-so-rigid prototype frame)

We ended up deploying this janky, borderline hazardous 😅 setup to events, from setting up at The Foresight Institute to a group of guests high on nootropics, to hosting the first mixed reality competition with UploadVR and the folks from HTC who made Arcade Saga.

And not long after making appearances with the LIV Cube, we started getting inbound from companies wanting to buy a cube, or bring us out for activations. Within the first 4 months, we powered Mixed Reality for the likes of ADIDAS, AUDI, Caesar’s Entertainment and many more.

We wanted to build a version that we could feel comfortable and confident to sell&ship internationally, so we made some modifications:

A few months later, we started selling the V1 of the LIV Cube. Back then, we sold the entire stack: Custom pre-configured PC, custom camera rig + camera and the LIV Cube + lighting.

So dramatic, so clean, so green...

(LIV Cube V1)

COOL! But it still wasn’t good enough.

Cable management was still a pain, it had fricken’ 8 foot bars, the mobility/setup needed improving (we had so many cables from the lights), and we had issues with lighthouse interference during events with several devices nearby.

We needed better ways to attach the light houses and we needed to be compatible with room-scale on the Oculus Rift.

We wanted blackout fabric for putting several cubes next to each other and we wanted better lighting solutions, both on the type of lights as well as the way the light attach to the frame.

If you want the full list of changes:

It’s with a lot of excitement that we’re opening up pre-orders for the V2 of the LIV Cube.

It’s the product of many rounds of iteration and love. And did we mention it comes with two carrying bags that fit on a plane?

Enter LIV and be a badass.

(probably the sexiest green screen cube in the world)

For those of you who know us, you know that we don’t sell anything we don’t use ourselves, and this goes for this new LIV Cube as well as our LIV App on Steam. You may have seen:

All our videos are filmed in our LIV Cube V2. It’s our way of making sure we build things that are useful today, and grow from there (and not without your help).

You can pre-order the LIV Cube today by going to the LIV Cube page and hitting pre-order. We’ll be shipping the first batch of the cubes in August 2018. The $400 shipping is because we will be drop shipping them from China via Air freight.

Make sure you read through the FAQ on the bottom of the page, and get in touch with us at if you have any questions.

We will also open a private Discord channel were Cix will communicate and document the entire process from, initial order to delivery.

We’re really excited to fulfill on the demand we’ve had for our Cube, and excited to see more content creators, arcades, and brands taking their gameplay and marketing to the next level.

And that’s all for this time, friends!

- Dr Doom and your friendly neighborhood nerds @LIV

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