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LIV Cube pre-order cancelled

We’ve decided to cease Cube sales and refund everyone the full amount.

Hey team,

We needed to hit a Minimum Order Quantity with our manufacturer. As of yesterday, we’ve not reached that quantity. We’ve realized that while the demand is there, the sales cycle is longer than we thought.

We’ve decided to cease Cube sales and refund everyone the full amount. The decision is a combination of a desire to focus 100% on our software and community, and the result of not hitting our Minimum Order Quantity.

We’ll be selling the LIV Cube business to a 3rd party, which would include the current list of buyers, the established IP from the distribution partner, and the non-provisional patent. Please contact us at if you want to take this over.

For many of you, we know this is a massive bummer. And from an emotional perspective, it is for us too – the Cube is our baby! Having said that, we are excited to re-focus all our efforts on LIV software and we appreciate your patience with us as we navigate our company through the VR landscape.

For what it’s worth, we have some really cool stuff in the pipeline on the software side... 😉

And as always, if you have any questions, drop us a line on or ping us on Discord!

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