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LIV App v0.1 Update!

We got VIVR integrated, performance improved, and plenty more where that came from!

It's not just an update... IT'S A SUPER UPDATE.

It's time again for a big update! It's about time, right? Well, finally, we have an update that marks one heck of a milestone for us - we finally have a full end-to-end experience for setting up and getting your lovely bodies into VR!

We reckon this update's big enough to take us out of the v0.0.x trenches and into the v0.1.x mountains. That's one whole point-oh more than before!

Though, updates aside - what we do is always a work-in-progress, so keep the crash reports & suggestions coming. Don't ease up on us.

The Big Stuff™

VIVR, our mad-easy calibration tool, is now fully integrated with LIV! And that's not the half of it.

One of our biggest points of user friction was calibration. What's the deal? Calibration is what you need to do to your camera before we can bring it into VR - there's lots of cameras out there, and it's impossible to automatically detect the specific setup that you have.

We take you through a three-step improvement program process that has you marking out the limits of what your camera can see. Done properly, you can get that crispy calibration in no time at all. These steps work out where your camera is, how wide it can see, and where it's pointing.

On top of that, we needed to support people with both static cameras, and cameras that can move. This point here was the one that threw a wrench in the works. To calibrate, you need a reference point that we can offset from. This reference point normally doesn't move, but we support using extra controllers or trackers as that reference point. There used to be two places to set that up, one in LIV, and one in VIVR.

Well, no more! The long-foretold marriage of VIVR and LIV has taken place, and now there's only one place to set your camera up. Create a camera profile, choose your camera, calibrate. You can do it all in your HMD, and even tweak your latency compensation whilst you're at it.


What's gonna happen to standalone VIVR?

Good question! We will soon remove it from the Steam store, as just having it up there and public is enough to cause confusion. We're invested in giving you all the best user experience possible for this madness that is mixed reality, and this is a change that will simplify things for everyone.

That said - don't worry. We're not taking away the ability to export your calibrations outside of LIV at all, so getting your calibration is as easy as exporting it.

Time for the changelong!

VIVR's integration is pretty neat, but what about the other stuff we've been up to?



Whew. That's v0.1!

We're seriously excited to push this version out to y'all. LIV is now in a position where we can start to work on the more interesting future features that we've been teasing on our streams since like... December. And it goes without saying, we'll be testing these things with people in our Discord, so if you're interested in keeping up to date, stick around in the community!

Our gratitude goes out to everyone for being truly amazing. Seeing everyone chip in with support, advice and feedback on content is exactly why we opened our doors wide open. Keep being rad.

Finally though - got a suggestion? Like... a curveball of a mind baby? Throw it at us. We want that mind baby; we're all ears.

That's all for this update!

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