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And they woke from hibernation... LIV App v0.0.17 update!

Check out our new Virtual Camera for more reliability!

It's been a long time. How have you been?

We've been hecka busy since the last app update which was... Early March. Whew, okay then! Let's not waste any time, and jump into a mondo changelog! Keep reading for the highlights, or jump down further below to get at the comprehensive deets.

Virtual Camera, here to save the day!

So you know how when you launch games in MR, sometimes the camera gets stuck to your hand like a high-tech boiled sweet? That's caused by SteamVR getting your hands confused. When SteamVR launches a game, it looks at your controllers and says "Which controllers are moving? Okay, now, which one is on the left of the headset, and which is on the right?" (and if you're on Rift / WMR, it already knows!). Sometimes it'll get confused and tell the game that your camera is one of your hands. We've been toiling away on a fix for this for a long time now, and it's finally ready to share with you!

Check this out - not only did we tell SteamVR "Oi, these two LIV things? These will NEVER be hands.", but we also made it so that you can change which kind of not-hand it is, on the fly! No more worrying about role changers, breaking your firmware, or getting the wrong thing calibrated.

Then on top of that, you can have it be completely disabled without ever needing to uninstall the driver. Once you get the new LIV update, you'll be prompted to get rid of the old driver, and have it be replaced with the new one. A quick reboot of SteamVR, and you're off to the races!

New stuff:

Un-broken stuff:

Boom! There we go. Hopefully that didn't take you too long to read all the way through! If you just skipped down here to get to the end, well that's fine too.

Just before we disappear off to work on the next set of good stuff™, we just want to say a very big thank you to our community. This last month has been just... a whirlwind of exciting times, and we're looking forward to finishing up on the MR side so we can knuckle down and release some of our more anticipated tools, specifically targeted towards streamers!

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