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LIV App Update v1.0.0!

It's the big one-point-oh! VRM avatar support & performance updates inside 🤩

We're out of early access!

And with that, a ton of extra bugfixes and new features to get stuck into. Check out the full details below, or keep reading to find out what's next for us.

Peering Into the Horizon

There are some big things we’re working on today that will change how we interact with, and participate in live streamed VR games. You may have already seen some of our experiments with some LIV streamers and LIV GameChanger.

Without spilling all the beans, you can read more about our thinking in this recent TechCrunch article.

In the interim, we’re working on some key tech that will enable us to deepen the connection between audiences and streamers, and eventually change how we consume live gaming streams.

First thing up is SDKv2!

We're opening up more avenues for LIV to get relevant data from a game, so we can do more of the things we want to do, like:

  • Dynamic lighting, shadows, reflection... In general big visual quality upgrades.
  • True out-of-engine player occlusion.
  • SDK V2 is entirely VR-runtime independent; it doesn’t care if devs are distributing their game with Oculus Native or OpenVR; it’ll just work.
  • No more config files - and with that, no more conflicts with the SteamVR Asset!
  • On the bleeding edge side: volumetrically reconstruct a game so we can start experimenting with streaming volumetric video to headset viewers.

Other things in the pipeline:

  • A native iOS app that allows for background removal thanks to ARKit 3...
  • ... and then, allows you to use that fancy camera as a source in LIV!
  • Oculus Quest native support - maybe without a PC, who knows 😎
  • [Initializing: The Transition]

LIV App Update v1.0.0

And now for the update! We captured a couple of videos to show off some of the improvements we've been making - so here's Mystery, showing off the latest in LIV Avatars:

Then check this out - a 50% speed comparison of how silky smooth the compositor is now Angturil's done a deep-dive:

And finally, Sox comin' at you with Kinect Azure support!


  • Integrated Azure Kinect support!
  • VRM format avatar support!
  • SteamVR Hand Input support for avatars with finger tracking!
  • Initial support for lipsyncing avatars, when available in an avatar!
  • Avatars can now make eye contact with the camera - and your hands too - when available in the avatar 👀
  • Okay so that's cool - to know IF an avatar feature is available, you can now look at the icons above the avatar mirror 😏
  • Avatar license details are displayed, if available.
  • Avatar static camera support - enable the static option and control exactly where the camera looks.
  • Avatar body calibration has been tweaked and improved, matching your body's size better!

Don't forget all the new features from our leaving-early-access update too!


  • Big performance overhauls! Lots of little things have contributed here, and the difference is massive.
  • AMD support, again! Our last go at this was not so hot. With great persistence and grit, we're much happier where our AMD support is. It's been a ... journey. 😩
  • Various avatars & calibration crashes!
  • We were loading a ton of extra assets & all your avatars even if you only used one - optimised!
  • If an avatar didn't have a thumbnail, we crashed out of grief. It's really not that big of a deal.
  • Some Beat Saber avatars still rendered as invisible, even without custom materials. Fixed!

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