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LIV App Update v0.1.24!


Woah, check it out. It's faster now!

As always we've been busy fixing things and improving performance in out public beta branch - and with no new issues reported, we can throw them out to everyone. Full changelog below, as always.

OpenVR FPV Smoothing

Coming next to our public beta (you can find it in Steam!) is a low-resource-use first-person HMD view! You can expect to see it live in a day or two. Here's the lowdown:

We've seen that many creators prefer to pair their mixed reality video with a view directly from the headset. Usually, this means capturing the game window, or the SteamVR Display Mirror. This isn't an ideal experience. The view you get is often extremely shaky, making it hard to watch. (Beat Saber players, we're looking at you)

Some developers implement a separate camera, that has smoothing applied to it. This results in a really nice, smooth video that's actually somewhat pleasant to watch! Annoyingly though, this doesn't come free. Every extra viewpoint into a game is more work for your PC, mixed reality included. You can see why that might be problematic... We're already using a ton of resources to get your lovely bodies into VR!

We've been working on a tool that is a "neat compromise". Our method allows any game to get smoothed output, as long as it runs OpenVR. We take the display mirror output, which is "almost free", and apply what is effectively reverse reprojection. We then apply a ton of smoothing to the numbers we use for that, and output it to the screen.

The result? FPV smoothing that doesn't cost nearly as much performance as the normal method - and better yet, works with every OpenVR enabled game!


With that outta the way, let's get into what you can play with today. As always, keep telling us where we need to improve, and keep being rad. Enjoy the update!


  • Big performance, big frames. We're only just starting the performance-improvement journey - we're happy to say that we've already managed to shave away ~30% of LIV's CPU usage on average!
  • New fancy slider UI, everywhere! In an effort to make things easier to tweak, every single numeric input in LIV has been replaced with a combination keyboard input and slider.
  • People using our LUT filter can now choose how strong the effect is!
  • Behind the scenes, we've added a few new things to help out with getting LIV into arcades. More news to come soon!


  • The default Beat Saber effect no longer darkens the camera feed! If you want that effect back, check out the effect list in Manual mode.
  • The viewfinder often wouldn't show up where your camera had been calibrated to - this was due to some wonky math on our part that worked... sometimes.
  • Ever see that dirty seam line on SDK integrated games? You shouldn't anymore! We're using a new blending technique that almost entirely hides it.
  • The SteamVR input binding prompt has been quelled! Also we got a fancy-pants logo showing up in there now!
  • The link in the client for our wiki was broken. Noob mistakes.
  • If the compositor fails to launch, we report an error back, and don't leave you hanging.
  • Sometimes we complained about the Virtual Camera driver not being installed - even if it was, and SteamVR was just being slow.
  • So uh, whenever the compositor reported an error back to the UI, we... ignored it. Not intentionally! We've apologised and we'll try to be more present in the future.
  • Yet more crash prevention on our calibration tool. You'd be surprised at how much error handling goes into starting a program...
  • If you tried to export calibration manually for a game on a network drive, the LIV App would crash. Fixed!
  • Cropping UI has changed just a little bit, hopefully clearing up some confusing behaviour when adjusting a flipped camera.
  • Some installed Steam applications didn't have complete metadata, which would cause a crash when launching the compositor.
  • We removed the output tab's layer settings, as they didn't always work due to how we use effects today!

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