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LIV App Update v0.1.14!

Improved performance, stability, usability and many more games added!

Hey team, time for another LIV App update!

We’ve been hard at work. The LIV App has received a lot of love (and is receiving more today), we finally got around to fixing our Unreal SDK (an in-depth blog post on this coming soon), and we’ve added a lot more games to the supported games list.

Alongside maintenance and adding more games, we’ve given a select few people access to LIV StreamerKit, which is a combination of in-HMD chat, stream notifications and audience engagement tools – all in one.

You may have seen some of our streamers playing Beat Saber, and having cool things happen in-game when the viewers complete actions like subscribing.

Our early experiments are really promising, and we’ll be releasing more info and giving more people access soon!

Newly added games

+ many more integrations currently in progress!

LIV App Updates

We've got a LIV app update for you! Lots of polish as well as support for our upcoming SDK update - and it's gonna be a good one. Unreal support has never been better! Check down below for the full changelog.

Viewfinder Changes!

The LIV app viewfinder lets you see yourself whilst you're playing, and also lets you make "eye contact" with your camera!

This feature has been around in LIV since late 2017, but hasn't had much in the way of love for a while. As an example - if you had a static camera setup (and you set the viewfinder to be at the virtual camera position), the viewfinder wouldn't be anywhere near your real camera, making it unusable.

As part of the new update, the viewfinder will always locate itself wherever the camera is, even if you're using your own tracker. It doesn't sound like much - but we've found that it's really important if you're looking to record some content, or stream live. You gotta be able to make eye contact! (Note, for "real" eye contact you'll need some googly eyes 👀)

We've now enabled this feature by default for everyone!

Calibration Changes!

Our calibration tool inside LIV is super easy to use now, and you can get a near-perfect calibration without any adjustments. But, in the cases where adjustments were needed, the sliders we gave you were a little confusing to understand.

With the change we've made - the "Pitch" slider will always move the view up/down, "Yaw" moves left/right, and roll rotates!

End result, easier micro adjustments to get an even crispier calibration 💪



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