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LIV® acquires VIVR!

You wanted to the ability to create a camera calibration in LIV, and we listened.

And we’ll be integrating it into the LIV® App!

VIVR is a easy to use, quick camera calibration tool created by (now) our very own Jaroslav (from now on strictly to be referred to as Mystery).

Integration will happen in two phases.

Phase 1)

We’ll put a copy of VIVR that pre-installs with your LIV® installation. The outcome we’re looking for here is to keep everything to one download/install, and to allow you folks to access VIVR for free.

Phase 2)

Full integration of VIVR into LIV, along with some Quality of Life updates.

This is pretty cool, how do I get started?

For now, you can access VIVR on Steam; then you can pop into our Discord, make your voice heard and get access to the LIV® App beta test.

About Mystery

Mystery is joining us to bring more firepower to our Unity engineering team, focusing on our SDK. Some of you may know him for his game (WIP), BohemiaVR – a game where you solve mysteries at Czech Castles.

Welcome to the family, Mystery!!!

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