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Holodance Added to List of Supported Games!

Punch music to psychedelic environments and sick beats. Holodance is an awesome rhythm based game (like osu!). Check it out!

A quick chat with the developer, Jashan, from Naranaya Games

Yo Jashan!

Hey dude!

So first things first: how does one come up with the idea for a psychedelic beat based VR game like Holodance?

That's a tough one. When Holodance was invented, there were no other VR rhythm games on the market, because, really, there was no room-scale VR market. I’ve always loved music, dancing and synesthesia-like psychedelic experiences ... and Holodance was born. On Oculus DK2 and Razer Hydra, which made this a fairly tough birth until Valve finally had mercy and sent us a Vive development kit in November 2015. That's where development really took off, and it's still flying high.

Speaking of high... how high were you when you came up with the idea?

I was fairly high ... on meditation. To be honest, substances are kind of 1980s and while I certainly enjoyed the revival in the 90s techno/trance/clubbing scene (when I was old enough to actually give it a try), it's been a while. But, after playing a really tough map in our new psychedelic mode I kind of had a flashback experience.

Well, no, can't say that, let me rephrase: It was a pure, authentic VR high. Kids, if you want to be really hip: Meditate and enter VR, and you'll be the stars of the new age.

I've seen your dancing (and kicking) in Holodance. It's a real workout. Would you say VR, and games like Holodance, have re-invigorated your physical health at all?

Absolutely! See, as a developer, you basically destroy your body by sitting like all day long. I've read this is even worse than smoking cigarettes, and I do believe that, kind of.

So, moving to VR development probably extended my life a few decades already: Instead of sitting hours and hours, like a monkey typing things, it's now often 20, 30 minutes then, you need to play the game, I mean, playtest the game. You know, look for bugs and find out of what you just spent the last 30 minutes working on is actually as much fun as you thought it would be.

The funniest thing is when you need to stop playing because you're simply too physically exhausted. So you get back to coding to recover from playing. That part of life as a VR game developer is purely awesome!

That sounds like a lot of work, which is a great segue to my next question. How do you find the time to do all the work that you do? You're one of the most active devs we've ever met, constantly pushing updates. Run us through a basic day in your life.

I usually get up at around 7 because we have a kid that has to be at school at around 8:15. So that covers breakfast and a little morning family time. After that, I usually spend about an hour with meditation. The rest of the day, until early evening with a little lunch break, I spend working on Holodance. So that's the official part. But sometimes, at night, when everyone is asleep and dreaming, I sneak out and spend another few hours in the office.

Sometimes I get in trouble. That's the great risks in life. I mean, getting in trouble for working, um, early. Sometimes, the lifestyle can get a little exhausting, but who needs sleep when you can have passion?

That sounds like our lives... must mean all in all you're having a lot of fun. :smiley: And somehow in all that, you found time to integrate our SDK into Holodance. Why is that, and why do you think Mixed Reality is so important for VR?

"Unfortunately, no one can be…told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself." ... Morpheus knew what our greatest challenge would be. He was completely right. But we can't pull everyone out of that physical reality they are all so attached to. At least not immediately. People are more likely to watch things on YouTube than immediately buy expensive VR hardware. So we need something that's almost as good as seeing for yourself.

And that's why Mixed Reality matters so much. But there is a rather wide spectrum from Mixed Reality that will want to make you run away (like, our very first Mixed Reality gameplay teasers, for example ... or how Microsoft abuses the term), to the kind of Mixed Reality that has you question whether you want to watch more of that, or dive right in. We need the latter, and LIV® plays a big part in getting there.

Right. God damn it, Microsoft.

Haha, yeah. Seems they really enjoy confusing people.

So where do you see the future of Mixed Reality heading?

Easier setup, higher quality, greater flexibility.

With greater flexibility I’m referring to having more camera perspectives available. That's something we're working on a lot with our Streamer Mode and Avatar system in Holodance, and it's something that LIV® is working on with their Avatar tech... and we're working together to make sure that those systems don't compete but work together seamlessly. So the future is bright!

Oooooo. DON'T SPILL THE BEANS! This is top secret stuff. It's coming soon™.

Oh, I thought I saw it in the video on your Website. Posted it to Reddit it already, millions of people must have seen it.

Hahaha. Shit. Going into crowd control mode. Jokes aside, thanks for your time Jashan. We're super excited to continue pushing cutting edge tech with you.

So am I! It's such a fun journey and what could be cooler than taking people out of this physical reality and right into where the true action is?

Plugging straight into the brain? I don't know. We'll have to face that future together. Strap in folks, we're taking off...

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