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How to fix Gopro hero 5 charging issue!

If you’re experiencing charging issues with your GoPro Hero 5 even when it’s turned off, this explanation and guide should help.

GoPro Hero 5 draws less power than needed whilst the HDMI Shielding is in contact.

This happens even when the GoPro is turned off, and being charged from a PC.

If you unplug the capture card HDMI, the GoPro HDMI or even the capture card from the PC itself, it will begin to draw more power again and charge the GoPro battery.

It seems that the GoPro doesn’t like the HDMI port to share a common ground with its own USB port!


When you don't want to record anything, unplug the HDMI either from your capture card or the GoPro.
Even if you leave the GoPro on, it'll charge to 100% whilst there's no HDMI.


We got a USB power sniffer to help diagnose why the GoPro isn’t drawing enough power.

Regardless of whether or not you’re using USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, it only gets supplied 0.5A at 5V whilst the HDMI is plugged in.

The GoPro needs to draw at least 0.8A, and it seems to be that the common ground shared between the HDMI results in the GoPro drawing less power than needed for charging more than it’s expending.

This seems to be a GoPro Hero 5 issue, and we haven’t noticed any issues with the GoPro Hero 6.

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