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Kartong - Death By Cardboard joins the LIV Platform!

Kartong - Death by Cardboard! combines the cuteness of scary toys with the charm of paper cuts - all wrapped up in challenging miniature/stealth/FPS gameplay!

A roguelike, stealth action-adventure game with a unique art style.

Every once in a while you stumble upon a game that has its own unique artstyle and take on how a certain genre is meant to be played. Kartong - Death By Cardboard! is certainly one of those. Striking visuals, interesting gameplay and last but not least, A SWEDISH DEV TEAM (Dr Doom's national pride is kicking in..)

But, before we dive into the game specifically, let's welcome Eric and the SVRVIVE team to the LIV platform and start out with the question that's on top of everyone’s mind. What the hell does "Death By Kartong!" mean and where did you get the name from?

Hi! Kartong is the Swedish word for "Cardboard" and it came from the idea of a deadly papercut! Cardboard has such a unique look and feel, and is the perfect material for building miniature worlds.

This, in combination with our fascination for miniature Office weapons really got our graphics team going when coming up with a new game setting.

Sh*t, you're right. Papercuts are deadly. traumatic childhood memories arise...

When you say miniature office weapons, you'll have to elaborate. Are they like Swedish versions of Nerf Guns?

Yes! With the nordic climate we rarely get the chance to play with the big guns, except during the summer water wars. Instead we use our IKEA-creativity to lob sneaky projectiles across our workspaces and classrooms!

The perfect weapon should fit in your pocket and be able to launch an small office item across the room. This way you can be creative during the day, and still get away with petty office revenge anytime you want!

This is amazing. I need to bring this into our office. I trust you to send me the blueprints for the legendary super rare weapons to my DMs.

Back to the game, can you explain how Cardboard relates to the game?

Of course, I think Sven has expanded a lot on my original Clothespin Xbow prototype! When we got our first Google Cardboard headset in the mail we were surprised how they could make a headset so small, and yet show huge immersive worlds inside it using your phone as a window. We wondered how it would be if you were to look through that window in reverse, from a huge fantasy world, out into the "big" real world.

That is how the concept of the evil human-shrinking Youtuber show was born. And we used our leftover office moving boxes to build level mockups for the game while our work stations were being reassembled.

With the miniature cardboard building style, we could get away with a lot of whacky geometry, but still keep the most microscopic details in the close-up textures and metal objects. Combined with the lighting of mini-LEDs and huge light bulbs, we could really exaggerate the lighting and dark areas to make the maps both vivid, sharp and raw. Just like the core elements of the gameplay experience!

You have an interesting pseudo-cute artstyle that hides something creepy underneath. Definitely one of those "something's not right here" kind of feeling. How scary is this game, and what should your players expect?

One immediate realization is how the monsters feel a lot bigger and meaner than the toys they came from. But the real shocker will be the unexpected traps and ambushes that happen when you are out in the open and lower your guard.

If you are more of a cautious player you can keep your cool by sneak sniping around and listening. But if you like to get into trouble you'll need to pay attention to both your hands and the maze runner hazards all around you!

Kartong begins by challenging your ability to adapt and survive, but once you master this aspect the path to barebones speedrunning reveals itself. In the end, the most unnerving thing is possibly the realization that neither you or Sven can come back after you've seen the scope of his experiments...

Speaking of, tell us a little bit about how the world is generated, and what you mean by "experiments"!

Well, each new player gets a unique experiment number (and Sven's Kartong community has done more than 10 000 trials already). This experiment number will tell the game an initial "seed" number for the random procedural map generator.

When you start your adventure, each level layout and loot location will be tied to your number. So if you want someone to experience the exact mazes your escaped, you can just share your number with them.

This is what happens when you play one of our featured Youtuber Co-Labs, which is an online challenge that puts yourself in their shoes (even after you beat it). Sven's goal with this is to find a dependable group of people that can face their fears and conduct his experiments around the world.

Awesome. Where can people find out more about SVRVIVE Studios and Kartong - Death By Cardboard?

You can find out more about our games here, and opt in to future news on our immersive game projects.

Great! Thanks for your time Eric!

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