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Our missionEmpowering creators and developers to create
relatable and shareable vr spectator experiences

Meet the LIV® Team

We're a growing team of gamers, eSports commentators and engineers with deep expertise in 3d rendering, compositing and streaming. And playing VR games, of course :]

How It All Started

LIV® started as a project in our living room. We wanted to live stream VR gameplay, but were frustrated with how VR gameplay was broadcasted; two floating hands flailing in empty space wasn’t engaging to watch, even though being inside VR felt like a game changing experience.

We decided to build out a better way to spectate VR and we based it on two key pillars:

  1. Your body is the controller in VR, and so we need to show the person inside the game.
  2. The current spectator view (first-person) is unsatisfactory.

As eSports fans, commentators and former competitors ourselves, we imagined a future where you compete in digital worlds similar to the movie Tron.

And so we set out to build the future we want to exist in.

Many months later, one accelerator, some investment $$$ and a few more heads on the team, we’re changing how the world will engage with VR spectatorship and player avatars.

And there’s room for you too. Come with us if you want to LIV.

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